Handyman Heroes office and trucks.
Handyman Heroes office and trucks.

Handyman Heroes delivers the highest quality home services to each and every client, solving their problems with integrity and honor. We are fanatical about what we do. Taking our inspiration from Apple's incomparable customer experience, we put smiles on our clients' faces, and they LOVE us for it.

Handyman Heroes was founded by four serial entrepreneurs with over 20 years of shared history: two partners who built a successful boutique contracting firm for high-profile clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, a Chief Financial Officer with the faith and vision to walk away from his Fortune 500 career track, and a Technical Founder with a lifetime of experience architecting modern data structures, bleeding edge telephony systems, and internet applications.

We speak the language of our cherished tradesmen. We build a lot of really cool software. Most importantly, we deliver serenity to our clients and their problems are solved.

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